Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Making our House a Home: Guest Room Update

Although the lure of the nursery project was tempting, we needed to get a contractor out to put up wainscoting (or at least get quotes) before being able to officially start. With us both having time off over the holiday, we decided we could tackle the front guest room in a couple of days and went to work. The room was not in bad shape, just needed a paint job, new window treatments and the horrible wooden "bookshelves / hook-thingys" aka "hook shelves" removed ... see the first picture for an example of both. I honestly have no idea what purpose the wooden hook shelves served for the previous owners, but two were hung in this room and two others were left in the closet of the other guest room (both former childrens rooms).

The valences seemed harmless enough ... just styrofoam covered with fabric, but it was the mechanism used to hang them that almost caused Mike to jump out of a window. It's hard to describe, but there were hung with plastic "L" shaped devices, hammered into the wall and also glued with a foamy tape. It was hard as heck to pry them out and then a fair amount of elbow grease was required to get the foamy-tape off the walls.

In the end, we are both pleased with the results ... from two shades of army green to crisp linen, much more calming for the guests we anticipate this summer. Apologies in advance for the poor picture quality, it's hard to get a great shot of the new room with the lighting, so feel free to schedule a trip sometime soon!
The "hook shelves" as we called them and the styrofoam valence ... lovely
Guest Room before
Guest Room after

Valences before
Valences after


Danielle said...

Lookin' good. It never ceases to amaze me what some people think looks good. Maybe they don't just don't really care.

Ms. Thomas said...

That looks so peaceful. I better plan my stay at the Casa de Kelly soon...