Thursday, July 30, 2015


These two were born ready for princess day at school!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Animal kingdom

For a girl that's afraid of her own shadow most days, she had no problem holding the boa constrictor named "Captain America" at a friend's birthday party last weekend!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sick daze

The girls love to share and it wasn't but a few days before Miss Anna was feeling the same way her sister had a few days earlier. Luckily rest and a few days home from school helped and she was back in business in no time.

No caption needed ... 

Craft time puts a smile on her face ... meet Margaret the spider and Indian Chief Anna Sick Girl

She hasn't slept in the car in over a year ... that's when you know she's sick!


A Popsicle, and dressing yourself, are just what the doctor ordered!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Sick holidaze

Unfortunately our extended Fourth of July holiday weekend started out with a bang, but wasn't as bang-up as we'd hoped.

This impromptu nap at the pool let me know that something was up with Miss C.

Which led to this when it was time for the local parade and fireworks ... she was a literal firecracker and on the down and outs.

Luckily Mommy snuggles helped, and Anna and Daddy were still able to enjoy the festivities!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Down by the river

The Cincinnati riverfront has seen an amazing transformation over the last few years and there's fun for the entire family. We were finally able to get down and experience some of the new attractions over the extended fourth of July holiday weekend and everyone had a blast. To boot, Cincinnati hosted the All-star baseball game and many related festivities and the city was buzzing with excitement. Although Kentucky will always be my first home and love, I'm pretty proud to call Cincinnati my current home. 

I 'mustache' you a question ... is this the cutest girl you've ever seen or what?

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Mommy & Anna day

The same as Charlotte, Anna and I had a date day as well and had a blast. We went out to breakfast, enjoyed a movie (Inside Out), stopped at the nail salon to get her nails done, and enjoyed lunch out. It was so much fun to let Anna anticipate the day and the look in her eyes when it finally arrived was priceless. Melt my heart!

Breakfast coloring with my big girl!

Movie time! We loved Inside Out

First pedicure (of many, I'm sure)!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Mommy & Charlotte day

I took a few days off work last week and dedicated one to each of the girls for a special day with Mommy. First up was Miss Charlotte and we enjoyed lunch at Chik-fil-A, a quick stop at the store, and then lots of fun at the park. She doesn't understand what exactly a date with Mommy means, but she knows that our time together is special and so do I!

Same side of the booth at lunch, naturally :) 


She's ready to drive!

*THIS* is Charlotte's personality in a picture!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Ride 'em cowgirl!

Sometimes silliness ensues at our house while we're trying to eat breakfast and get out the door; it's hard to stay focused when you have such wild imaginations ... ride 'em cowgirls!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Timmy turns two!

We have a lot of stuffed animals in our house, which means on any given day of the week, it could be someone's birthday. Timmy's fell on July 3, so it's a good thing we had cupcakes around to celebrate. Although the girls claimed he turned four, Timmy is actually a hand-me-down from Mike and is well over 30 years old. (two made the title ring a little better, though, ha)

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Don't just take my word for it (Miss C, June 2015)

6/1/15: Charlotte was looking down the drain outside today. When Ms. Hannah asked, "what are you doing Charlotte?" Charlotte replied, "I need to find the bugs for daddy."

6/2/15: Charlotte loved going through the bouncy house today. She went through it over and over again, so much fun!!

6/3/15: Charlotte loved water day today!! She had so much fun with her friends, she was one of the few that played in the water the whole time and did not want to leave! So much fun!

6/4/15: Charlotte liked exploring with our "jewels" and "crowns" during circle time this morning. She said, "so pretty, just like mommy"!! Such a sweet girl!!

6/5/15: Charlotte loved looking at the baby animal book this morning with Ms. Kaylyn. She thought it was so funny when Ms. Kaylyn tried to make an elephant noise. Charlotte laughed really hard and then she did it so much better! Awesome!

6/8/15: Charlotte and a friend were covering themselves up before nap with their blankets and taking turns patting each other. Haha. They have been attached to each other for weeks now! So cute!

6/9/15: Charlotte was loving on a baby doll today and giving it hugs. She then started to dance with it and rock the baby in front of the mirror and smiling. So sweet!!

6-10-15: Charlotte was not to sure about the cool critter guy that came to see us today. She was super excited at first when he brought out the lizards and tortoise. She would get really close to them but then laugh and say, "no thank you"! Haha. Silly girl!

6-11-15: Charlotte loved being sprayed with the hose outside today! She was being so silly by saying, "spray me, spray me" but then run away and laugh! Haha. Then Anna came out and was playing with the bubble machine so that made it even more fun!!

6-12-15: Charlotte loved playing dress up today. She wore all of our dresses and skirts but she said her favorite was the grass skirt! She wore it most of the day!

6-18-15: Charlotte brought the baby doll to circle time this morning and sat it next to her moving its arms up and down to say "yah!" with us as we did our song.

6-19-15: While we were in the gym this morning, Charlotte put a cone on her head and wore a hula hoop around while she tried to play hop scotch! Haha. Silly girl!

6-22-15: A friend was playing with our CD player and changing the radio station and Charlotte thought it as so funny to change it back! So, they were in a competition to see who could change it the most! Haha. It was so funny!

6-23-15: Charlotte sat on Ms. Kaylyn's lap for a while before lunch today. She liked playing with her hair and earrings. She said she wants earrings and Ms. Kaylyn told her someday she can have them. Charlotte said, "I'll have to ask my daddy"! Haha. What a cutie!

6/24/15: Charlotte loved splashing her friends with the hose today. Ms. Kaylyn let her use the hose and she got to splash her friends while she helped fill up the water table. Awesome! Love her!

6/25/15: Charlotte loved helping wipe off the playground before nap today. She had a blast using lots of paper towels to wipe off the table and play house. She thought it was so fun to splash around in the puddles!

6/29/15: At first Charlotte was not sure about riding on the horses in the gym. Then she warmed up to the idea and was non stomp climbing on the horse and yelling, " help me get on!" for the rest of gym time.