Monday, August 31, 2015

Don't just take my word for it! (Miss C, August 2015)

8/3/15: Charlotte put a sheep puppet onto her hand while sitting on the bean bag and made it dance around and singing "clean up clean up every one clean up. Baa baa baa." How cute.

8/7/15: Charlotte was playing hide and seek with her friends in the cubbies today. She would pop out and say, "I'm in here!”

8/7/15 (special note): Charlotte enjoyed an ice cream sandwich treat for snack. Yum!

8/12/15: Charlotte was so cute as she used a toy watering can as a microphone outside. Charlotte was singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" into the watering can.

8/13/15: When the big kids came out to ride their bikes, Charlotte ran over to the fence and started yelling, "Anna Kelly, Anna Kelly where are you?" How cute!

8/14/15: Charlotte enjoyed exploring wooden spoons today. She was happy with the music she created as she banged them on the floor.

8/18/15: Today Charlotte used a picture frame as a phone. Charlotte held it up to her ear and had a conversation with her mommy. :)

8/19/15: Charlotte loved using the sponge outside to splash her friends with water today. She would soak it in the bucket of water then take it and squeeze it on her friends. They all loved it, she was the fan favorite outside.

8/20/15: Charlotte was really getting into the African dancing we had in the gym. Anna was in he gym as well and they started dancing together. So cute!

8/21/15: Charlotte was singing her ABCs during snack this morning and was very proud of herself when she got to the end because she clapped and said, “yay"!

8/24/15: Welcome to the Manatee classroom. We are so excited to have Charlotte. Her friend Michael was so excited to see her that he threw his morning snack way just so he could play with her. :)  (This started your love affair with Ms Heather!)

8/25/15: We made school busses during art today so along with that we sang the wheels on the bus. Charlotte knows all the movements and the verses!

8/27/15: Charlotte loves books. Whenever we read a book she is right there in the front listening so attentively. Love it!

8/31/15: Charlotte sure does love the blue bean bag chair. During nap we moved it under the sensory table and low and behold we found Charlotte sitting in the bean bag chair under the sensory table. She is a hoot.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

First days

After seeing so many cute picture of my friend's kiddos heading off to school, I couldn't help snap a picture on Anna's first day of pre-K. She looks so grown up! When did that happen??

"I want to be a farmer when I grow up!"

And Miss C couldn't resist getting in on the action too, and preferred a solo picture, thank you very much.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Put me in coach!

Randomly during a regular trip to Target, Anna asked me if I'd buy her a ball and bat so that she could play baseball. Off to the sports aisle we went where she selected a bat, ball and glove, and I bought a tee for good measure. Turns out a metal bat isn't the best idea for our girls, so Daddy came to the rescue and found a pink whiffleball bat that fit the bill. Clearly she's a natural and Mike has loved spending time teaching her America's pastime.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday funny

This is Charlotte Rose Kelly to a T!

And she'd get in a lot more trouble if she didn't have that million dollar smile .... 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Say cheese!

"how about we say 'nectarine' since that's what we're eating?"
We love fresh fruit in the summer!
And eating it at our kitchen island :)

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Tag along toys

Sometimes you have a name brand purse that your toddler insists belongs in her dress-up bin. And sometimes you need that purse to complete your outfit for a date afternoon at the ballpark. In those instances, you might find a few tag-along toys in said purse ; )

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Daddy's girl

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Naughty business

It's a good thing she's cute ...

Monday, August 3, 2015

A girl's first hibachi

Checkin' milestones on the list left and right, we are : ) Unfortunately the hibachi wasn't as fun as we'd hoped, and it won't be in the regular rotation anytime soon, but it was about as successful as any family meal at a restaurant these days ...

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Don't just take my word for it (Miss C, July 2015)

I caught up on notes from school and because the posts would have been ones for the record book, I broke them up by month, going back to February; you can view them all by clicking here ... enjoy!

7/1/15: Charlotte was so cute this morning as she explored with a fruit puzzle, Charlotte picked up the banana piece and put it to her ear like a phone saying, "hello mommy. Good morning, I'm playing."

7/2/15: Charlotte had so much fun using the inflatable T-Ball stand! She had to swing the bat a few times before she hit double! Woo!

7/6/15: Charlotte was so cute exploring the toy phone and a stuffed rabbit. Charlotte was sitting on the floor talking on the phone then held it up to the bunny and said, "it's for you."

7/7/15: While Charlotte was rocking her baby this morning she was singing "Old MacDonald" and she said it was so her baby would go to sleep! So cute!

7/8/15: Charlotte loved dancing in the gym with streamers today, she was fluttering her arms in the air and running in circles! She would run and watch behind her so she could see the streamer!

7/10/15: Charlotte had the drill from our tool box and was going around saying, "cheeeeese"! She was pretending it was a camera! Silly girl!

7/13/15: Charlotte loves sitting on Ms. Kaylyn's lap during circle time and today we were singing songs and Charlotte turns around and looks up at Ms. Kaylyn and says, "sshhh you sing loud"! Haha.

7/14/15: When we went outside we saw some men cutting grass at the bank. When they left Charlotte ran over to Ms. Hannah pointing to the men and saying, "that was really awesome." How cute.

7/15/15: Outside during water day, Charlotte was trying to run around the sprinkler and drink the water as it was spraying her! Haha. Silly girl!

7/16/15: Charlotte had a scarf on her head and she said that she was going to be a pirate then she covered her eye and said, "argghhh"! Haha. So funny!

7/17/15: Charlotte was in a singing mood today. Charlotte walked around the whole sing loud and proud Old McDonald. Then while we were outside Charlotte walked around the playground singsong Three Little Monkeys.

7/20/15: Charlotte was sitting with Ms. Kaylyn this morning while she was coloring and cutting decorations out for the room and Charlotte said, "I'll sing for you Ms. Kaylyn" so cute. She sang wheel on the bus!

7/21/15: Charlotte liked helping Ms. Kaylyn run errands around the building this morning. She was a great helper, by carrying the papers and folders for her. She always is the first one to run to the door to go on an errand.

7/22/15: During lunch today, Charlotte pointed to a friends fruit snacks and said, "oh that his vitamins. They help him."

7/23/15: Charlotte thought it was fun to slide through the playhouse window outside today. She would get half way through and say, "look at me I'm falling haha." Silly girl.

7/24/15: Charlotte was playing on the bean bags today when out of no where she yelled loud and proud, "I'm awesome!" How cute.

7/27/15: Charlotte was a butterfly when we were outside and took off running saying, " you can't get me butterfly you can't get me."

7/28/15: Charlotte was putting blocks and pompoms on a plate saying, "I'm making mommy some yummy food."

7/29/15: Charlotte loved wearing her crown today and she liked trying to put it on Ms. Kaylyn's big head! She thought it was so funny to put it on and take it off. She said her mommy can wear it later! So sweet!

7/30/15: Charlotte liked using her hand and paint to make a pretty tulip picture. She said she was going to give it to mommy! So sweet.

7/31/15: Charlotte was playing with Ms. April and she was lifting her legs and walking on her hands pretending to be a wheel barrel. Haha. She thought it was so fun!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Don't just take my word for it (Miss A, July 2015)

I caught up on notes from school and because the posts would have been ones for the record book, I broke them up by month, going back to February; you can view them all by clicking here ... enjoy!

7/1/15: Anna had so much fun watching the magician today, her favorite was when he popped the balloons

7/6/15: Anna told us she got lots of candy from a parade over the weekend! She told us that she didn't get to see fireworks because her and daddy left before they started, they just heard them.

7/13/15: Anna told us that the fortune cookie tasted bad!

7/16/15: Anna told us that daddy is the oldest in her family, and she thinks he is 65! (I don't know what is up with these age questions, but I'm glad I'm no longer the oldest!) 

7/17/15: Anna was a big hit with her favorite book today! All the girls had to take a look at it! (princess ABC book you took for show and share)

7/20/15: Anna told us if she were a butterfly she would fly to Grandma’s house!

7/21/15: If Anna could go to France, she would go with mommy, daddy, and her sister Charlotte.

7/22/15: Anna told us that she likes to watch Sofia the first on TV when she eats breakfast. She likes to watch tv with her sister.

7/23/15: Anna told us that her daddy is the youngest in the family. She told us that he is 5 years old!

7/24/15: Anna told us if she would go on a picnic she would take a sandwich. She would take her cats and her mommy and daddy.

7/28/15: Anna told us that her favorite fruit is strawberries because they make yummy jelly!

7/29/14: Anna told us that she wants to be a farmer when she grows up because she wants to ride the horses!

7/30/15: Anna had such a great day today! She had fun picking the flowers with the tongs!

7/31/15: Anna had so much fun during water day. She also enjoyed showing off her favorite toy during Show-n-Share.