Friday, October 30, 2015

Don't just take my word for it (Miss C, October 2015)

10/2/15: Charlotte dug and dug through the animal bucket until she found all of the blue whales. She found three of them.

10/5/15: I asked Charlotte what she was building with the Legos and she told me it was a castle. She did an awesome job!

10/8/15: Charlotte loved being outside today with her classmates. She also had fun using a car to paint with in Creative Art. 

10/9/15: I asked Charlotte about her picture, and she said it was a spaceship! Great job, Charlotte!

10/13/15: Charlotte was a wiz with the hula hoop today. She absolutely did a wonderful job with it.

10/15/15: Charlotte came up to Ms. Heather in the gym and said, "look I have a baby in my belly." So I look and she has a ball in her shirt. What a riot. :)

10/21/15: Charlotte did an awesome job matching the popsicles by color. She was very proud of herself.

10/23/15: Charlotte was very sweet this morning, when a friend came in and was upset when her mommy left Charlotte was trying to talk to her and make her feel better.

10/27/15: Charlotte was excited to tell me that she went to the zoo with her mommy, daddy, Anna and Lucas, and she saw big brown bears and a hippopotamus. :)  (there is no hippo at the zoo, but same difference, ha)

10/28/15: Charlotte was excited to see new books in the book center. Right after Webby dance she grabbed the monster book to look at.

10/30/15: Another child was dressed up today like a dinosaur, and Charlotte went up to this child and started petting their tail. Too cute.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday funny