Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Letter to Madeline: month two

Dear Madeline, 

Two months! Time is flying and there are no shortage of changes in your little personality and big body! 

When I wrote your first letter I wasn’t sure that we’d ever have an evening where it took less than a couple of painful hours to get you settled down, but this month found you a little more settled and I *think* I’ve got a few of your nuances and cues figured out. A few days into the month we decided to try gripe water and/or gas drops during your evening fussy time and although it wasn’t a cure-all, it seemed to help you calm a bit and potentially take care of whatever may be been keeping you from winding down. Being a baby is hard, and being a baby’s parent is even harder; there’s only one frustrating way to communicate - crying - often times on both sides. We have a better routine at bedtime and I’m starting to see a daytime nap pattern, and we’re getting there. 

You’re growing by leaps and bounds and are almost twelve pounds! You have the cutest little neck rolls, the roundest belly, and amazing leg rolls. I’ve had to remind myself to ensure your rolls are clean and powdered every few days because I’m not used to this much adorable chub on a baby and I may have learned the hard way (remind me to tell you about the day we nicknamed you stinky neck … but we love you!). Your newborn clothing was packed up and shipped to your future cousin over a week ago and you’re busting out of most of your 0-3 month outfits and I’ve got the 3-6 month ready to be washed up. 

You’re a master nurser, obviously getting plenty to eat. With that come BIG burps, toots, and poops; man do you go through diapers. Many times I’ll hear you squirt or toot and look over to see you just as surprised as me, it’s pretty hilarious. If you do seem to know what’s going on (you’ve been working something out) you tend to go all “did I do that?” afterward and its still adorable. Wells, as adorable as knowing you are getting ready to change a poopy diaper can be : ) 

Speaking of diapers, you’re turning into a little money-maker for us as a Pampers diaper study participant, kicking off tomorrow. I happened to register you during a middle of the night feeding and because you’re such a good grower and close to being in size 2 diapers, you qualified. The process seems pretty straightforward and won’t take too much of our time for the month of free Pampers diapers and $130. Of course I’ll be taking my manager Mom cut before putting the rest in your college savings account : ) 

You’re more alert and observant with your old age and will follow a voice around the room (specifically mine), love to see what is going on around you, and will kick with glee on your activity mat with your jungle buddies. Your big sister continue to adore you and watch over you like a hawk and ensure you have plenty of interaction when I may need to step away. You usually go with me to pick them up from school and everyone at Goddard loves to peek in your carrier, tickle your toes, or pat you on the head, and your sisters are more than willing to show you off. 

I won’t lie and say that having a baby is easy, you’ve thrown us for a few loops, but I wouldn’t trade the last two months for anything. You continue to be the little light in our lives and it’s hard be believe we ever wondered if our family could handle a third child; because the answer is that not only could we handle you, we needed your blessing in our lives! Thank you for slowing me down, for making me realize that we can get along just fine without some of the items crossed off on the to-do list, and for bringing our family even closer together. You are truly the sunshine for all of us and always will be, our little Madeline Claire.  



Saturday, October 8, 2016

It's that scary time of year ...

... when enormously scary spiders build a web on your bushes ... 
... and pumpkin guts abound ...

Happy Halloween month!