Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Weekend at Gigi's

When Daddy is away, we like to pack up and head to Gigi's for the weekend! The girls had a great time playing with their cousin Lucas, playing with Gigi, and exploring Lexington!

What a difference a year makes!!


Off to the left, someone was not happy about that situation ... 

Really, really not happy. Sharing Mommy's lap is hard!

Thursday, June 25, 2015


My view at breakfast then ... 

and now ... where has the time gone??

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, June 22, 2015

Four minutes

Within four minutes, all of this happened on a random Saturday afternoon ...

Diaper change ...


Just plain silliness!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Just a girl ...

... with her dog, on a potty, fully clothed in her swimsuit. Also known as Wednesday morning in the Kelly household.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Don't just take my word for it (Miss C, May 2015)

5/1/15: Charlotte was playing with a baby doll this morning and she laid it down on the bench and pretended to wipe the baby's bottom with a blanket. She then gave her baby a hug and a kiss. What a great little mommy! So sweet!

5/4/15: This morning Charlotte was sitting on our Clifford stuffed animal and Ms. Kaylyn asked what she was doing, she said, " I am riding Clifford to mommy"!

5/5/15: Charlotte kept saying "Rribbit, Rribbit!" when she did art! So pretty painting with a froggy! 

5/6/15: Charlotte was a great helper today after lunch. She cleaned up all her mess and helped a friend pick up their food that fell on the floor! You rock, Sweet girl!

5/7/15: After lunch today, Charlotte came up to us and told us that she had to go potty, so Ms. Kaylyn put her on the toilet and she went potty!! Yay!

5/8/15: Charlotte loved wearing the tutu Ms. Kaylyn brought in for dramatic play. It even matched her adorable outfit! She would twirl around and around, she looked like a princess!

5/11/15: Charlotte wore our orange apron all day today. She even wore it outside. Haha. She said she was going to cook lunch and dinner at home. Ms. Kaylyn asked what she was going to make she said pancakes. Yummy!

5/13/15: Charlotte was a hula girl today. She wore our hula skirt all morning while carrying Clifford around and her favorite purse. She is so much fun!

5/14/15: Charlotte and a friend were running outside this morning and they were holding hands. Ms. Kaylyn asked what they were playing and Charlotte said, "we're best friends, like sisters"! Too cute!

5/15/15: After lunch today, Charlotte was playing in the kitchen center and Ms. Kaylyn heard her singing, "I'm going on a bear hunt, it's going to be a big one"! Haha. She loves the bear hunt song that we listen too.

5/18/15: Charlotte was so insistent on finding bugs outside today. She was walking all over the play ground and digging in dirt telling her friends, "Help find bugs. I want bugs. Where are bugs." :)

5/20/15: Charlotte and a friend were inseparable today. She was giving them kisses and hugs. They would hold hands everywhere they went, it was so adorable! Charlotte is such a good friend!

5/21/15: While we were outside today Charlotte was picking grass to take to her friends at the picnic table saying, "Here eat, it's chicken and cookies."

5/26/15: Charlotte loved exploring with our shape and color sorter this morning. She sat with a friend on the circle time rug for awhile and they were helping each other put all the shapes and colors together correctly. Love her!

5/27/15: Charlotte was loving on our purple bunny this morning. She was dressing it up with our scarves and hats. She said they were going out shopping! Fun!!

5/29/15: Charlotte liked dressing up after lunch today. She put on an army vest and batman belt! Haha. She was ready to save the world! Super Charlotte! Sweet girl!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Don't just take my word for it (Miss A, May 2015)

5/7/15: Anna told us that she helps her mommy cook and sweep.

5/8/15: Thank you for coming to the mother’s day tea today, we hope you had fun!  // Anna told us she wanted to be an animal doctor she grows up.

5/11/15: Anna told us that her favorite pond animal is a duck because they quack.

5/15/15: Anna had so much coloring with chalk and paper at the easel today.

5/26/15: Anna told us that she likes to travel to the beach.

5/28/15: I had so much fun at field day. Ask me about the medal I got! ;))