Monday, May 13, 2013

Sister love

It's always a nice surprise to download pictures and find a string of shots you forgot about ... such is the case with these gems that Mike captured while I was cooking dinner one evening.  Anna loves spending time with Charlotte and asks to hold her every chance to she gets.  During the times she can't hold her, she loves to pat her little head or ensure she's covered with a blanket.  To her credit, Charlotte loves the attention and already looks up to her big sister.  And, I promise Charlotte's not receiving noogies from her big sis, rather those are love pats : )


Danielle said...

Oh I love the gentle touches (we don't get many of those these days!). I love that last picture with her arm draped around Charlotte's shoulder. So grown up, yet so innocent!

Patricia said...

They are so cute together! The beginning of many times they will spend in each others company! Anna is so sweet with Charlotte. And I know Charlotte loves the time with Anna. I am so excited to see them as they grow up and as life unfolds for the Kellys!