Friday, January 11, 2013

Craft Corner: Santa Hand Ornaments

My Mom sent me this idea way back in November and I filed it away thinking that we'd see if we had time before the holidays.  Due to a busy month of December and a crazy project for work, it wasn't looking hopeful that this would happen, but once school and work let out for the holidays, my crafty juices started flowing.  This was super easy, kid friendly, and will be something we'll cherish forever.  I did a dry run with one batch of the dough and then tripled it on the next round which yielded four hand prints, one for us and each set of grandparents (I wound up not using the first ornament, it was a little thicker than the others).  Acrylic craft paint and permanent markers made the painting easy and I sealed with a clear acrylic spray coat, although I'm nut sure that step is necessary.  I can't wait to think of some other ideas for next year's ornament!

PS - a friend sent me a link to this site which has a TON of cute craft ideas for young'uns.

Ho ho ho!  After drawing the "whiskers" on one ornament I thought it looked too cat/mouse-like, so I bagged it for the rest.

The finished product


Danielle said...

Very cute! My mom still has a box of all of our homemade ornaments from our childhood. I fondly remember the ones that are made of some sort of dough. Most of ours were either indiscernible or simple candy canes - nothing as clever as your santas!