Friday, January 25, 2013

Baby Bump: 33 weeks

I've gotten a little behind in documenting this pregnancy, but better late than never to catch up, right?  I can't believe I'm six-ish weeks away from meeting this little girl, four-ish if she's like her big sister who arrived two weeks early. I saw my OB last week and everything looks great, I'm measuring right on track, my stats are perfect, and the baby is head-down and likely to stay that way until I deliver.  I pulled the "checklist" below from a blogger I read here and there and thought it would keep me on track so that when I'm bored in my 80s I can look back and  remember what it was like being pregnant with #2.

How Far Along: 33 weeks

Size of Baby: Approximately 4 ½ pounds, weighing as much as a pineapple, and approximately 17 inches long; we haven’t had an ultra-sound since 20 weeks, so these are just estimates based on the fact that I’m measuring right on track both belly-wise and weight-gain-wise. 

Movement: This baby girl is a just like her sister, a big afternoon and evening kicker.  I remember with Anna I was worried this would mean she would be a night owl, but we've lucked out with a great sleeper and hope the same rubs off with this little one.  She’s head down, and I didn't need my OB to confirm this last week, the constant pressure on my bladder and rib/lung kicks confirmed well before he did : )  Often times I’ll lay down to go to sleep only to be woken up by a really big kick or punch. 

Sleep:  Yeah, not so much.  I’m tired at the end of the day, but wake up 2-3 hours after I fall asleep wide awake and I usually spend a couple hours each night on the couch catching up on recorded shows or late-night infomercials.  Good practice for what’s ahead, ha.  It’s hard to get comfortable these days and the 3-4 trips to the bathroom each night don’t help. 

Cravings:  Nothing super specific ... just enjoying a few restaurants and foods I know I won’t be as apt to partake in when I’m trying to lose the baby weight.  

Symptoms: Fatigue at the end of the day, trouble sleeping, congestion, heartburn, the constant need to run to the restroom, and waddling.  Luckily (knock on wood), I haven’t had a migraine in weeks; I saw a neurologist a few months ago and he suggested a daily magnesium supplement; that’s either been helping or I grew out of that phase of this pregnancy.  I'm also not nearly as swollen as I was with Anna at this point, meaning my shoes and rings all still fit comfortably, hopefully this keeps up, with my other stats remaining in good shape, and there's no preeclampsia risk this time around.  

Best Moment This Week: Anna snuggling up with me after dinner and a few minutes later patting my belly and saying “Hi Baby!!” and then leaning over to give me a hug.  Priceless!


Danielle said...

You look great! It's amazing how similar you look from the first time around. I think I looked pretty much the same too but I didn't think to do a comparison shot like this. Great idea!

Here's hoping the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly!