Saturday, December 4, 2010

What's Cookin': Or not so much cookin', but being picked up

My Friday afternoon though process:

... Hmmmm, I forgot to pick up eggrolls at the store to go with our chicken and broccoli tonight.

... Maybe I'll just have Mike stop at Timmy's Wok to pick up a couple, I could use an eggroll tonight after this crazy week.

...Well, they really are the experts at making Chinese food and that chicken and broccoli dish I picked up there last month was really tasty. And with the sauce on the side and steamed rice, it's not that unhealthy.

... And, it's really cold out today, I could use some wonton soup to warm me up.

... And the chicken we have would grill up nicely for a salad over the weekend ... and the broccoli would work perfectly as a steamed side with another dish early next week.

A phone call to Mike settled it ... Timmy's Wok won out. I find it best not to mess with the thought process of a pregnant woman's cravings as it results in binge eating of all food in sight later in the night ... best to just satisfy the craving as long as it's not too ridiculous or unhealthy.


Danielle said...

Oh I do the same thing when I'm trying to justify not cooking. I try to plan out alternatives in my head of what I can use the ingredients for. Somehow it doesn't seem as bad as long as I use up the food. I hope the take out was yummy!

Lisa said...

My mom said she craved Chinese food so much with my youngest brother she thought for sure he was going to come out Asian. Haha! With Caroline I craved brussel sprouts. That was healthy at least. But weird.