Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Soundtracks: Instruments Optional

As if Wednesdays weren't awesome enough being hump day AND Modern Family night, NBC put out The Sing Off (it's Glee without the plot!!) and made my snow woes fade a bit for a few hours twice a week. On top of that, I heard this tune on my ride home today, thank you Sirius! I mean, does it get any better than one of my favorite Christmas Carols teamed up with one of the best tunes to come out of the 80's?!?! Wait for the 2 minute mark, I promise it's worth it ... and afterwards take a listen to their other tunes posted on YouTube, these guys are freaking amazing!


Jon Connor said...

I stumbled upon Straight No Chaser not too long ago also on Sirius. I wish I had've known about them when I lived in Indiana. Bloomington wasn't far away from ISU, and I woulda definetly gone to see them in person. Have you heard some of their other meledys?

Anonymous said...

This is the best Christmas tribute I've ever seen! I'm going to have to post it on my facebook page!

(Phil's wife)

P.S. Enjoy your babymoon!