Sunday, December 12, 2010

Baby Bump: 16 Weeks

Baby Kelly and I are trucking right along in our tour of the produce section ... up to an avocado this week! I have gained 4 lbs as my 15-week OB appointment on Tuesday and hearing the heartbeat was like music to my ears. Our next appointment is early January with the half-way point ultrasound; we could find out the gender if we chose to, but we've decided to keep it a surprise. I think anyone reading knows that I'm the planner to end all planners and we both agree that this is one of the few things in life that can be a true surprise. I've picked out the nursery bedding and can't wait to paint and finalize the furniture selection, and you know I'll be posting about it.

I'm feeling well, still tired at times, but much better than the first trimester. No major or regular cravings to speak of ... I really miss lunch meat for some reason, specifically the Turkey Tom from Jimmy John's, but I'll cope. I think the minute you're told you can't eat something, you mentally want it even more. Case in point, hot dogs. Never pre-pregnancy would I really want a hot dog outside of a summer cookout, but tell me I can't have them and it turns into Mission Impossible. Luckily I found some "natural, no nitrates added" hot dogs at the grocery store to satisfy my new need for processed meat. And a scoop of ice cream does wonders when a glass of wine isn't available to take away the stress of a hard day at work ...

I made the plunge and purchased two pairs of maternity jeans last weekend at the Gap Outlet ($9.99 each!!) and found some great work pants online at Ann Taylor Loft (40% off and free shipping didn't hurt, either!). I'm going to need to merge into maternity tops sooner rather than later as my "normal" shirts are looking a big short these days. Luckily I found some great deals at Old Navy and have a few sweaters, cardigans and camisoles arriving this week.

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 I'm still working out the kinks with getting the "bump shots" and am not a fan of the double chin that comes from turning sideways. The 16 week picture was taken last night before we went off to my work Holiday party ... definitely the last time I'll be wearing a "normal" dress for a few months and I wanted to be sure to capture that moment : )


Megan said...

Man, I can't believe your almost half way there already! Amazing how time flies! Just wait and see how fast it goes when he/she acutally gets here!

Danielle said...

I remember reading the fruits and veggies stages and just being amazed that the baby was only that big. I felt huge, yet there was only a small zucchini in there? How is that possible?

Well you look great and I am SO surprised that my fellow planning friend is not finding out the sex. How will you do it? I do love a good surprise but I always told myself that it would be surprise enough just to see the little guy for the first time! I do admit I always thought it'd be cool to hear, "It's a ..." like they do in the movies. I guess I'll never get to experience that now.

I always wanted the things I couldn't have too and the second time around I wasn't quite as "by the book" as I was with Colin. Sawyer doesn't seem to be any worse for the least not yet!